Testimonials and Feedback

Take a look below at some the great feedback our customers have left. Keep in mind its never too late to start a project, send us an email and lets discuss the concept and plan it out. For these and other industry specific customer references and feedback, please send an email at 3DesignEngineer@Gmail.com.

The muzzle device 3DesignEngineer was modeled as specified in hand drawings. I was so excited when I actually held the 3D printed prototype in my hand.  Production started and 3DesignEngineer even helped with the packaging! Great experience, I will do business with again shortly. Thanks

– Freddy Perez, Silencer Tech

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The team at 3DesignEngineer made it possible for us to develop a new product line. The product was validated and re-validated several times to ensure every change was up to specification. All in all the project was a success due to excellent communication skills and outstanding CAD work. I couldn’t be happier.

– David Ives, Nemesis Arms LLC


I came to 3DesignEngineer with just he concept of the part I wanted to create. Frankly I was tired of people telling me about how much it would cost to develop my idea. The crew at 3DesignEngineer really made it all possible and at a reasonable cost. The original part was created in SOLIDWORKS and was delivered the part and assembly files as well as 2D drawing, PDF, 3D PDF, .stl and .step files so that I could communicate effectively with potentially any vendor. Not that I had to worry about that either; 3DesignEngineer had an good network of manufacturing and production facilities. Excellent experience and recommended

-John Mirarchi, JHV Inc.


Adam was crucial when it came to designing my companies new AR15 lower in SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD. All dimensions were taken from a standard 2D PDF file. I was amazed that the file was exactly to spec on first delivery. The logo 3DesignEngineer was awesome as well. I gave them, more or less, guidelines on the logo design and it turned out awesome! After my part was programmed for CNC, I started production in no time. I am really pleased with the whole experience. Can’t wait till the next project.

-Mike Thrower, B&D Innovations