About Us



3D CAD is an ever more prevalent necessity in today’s Design and Engineering World. Projects and Concepts are constantly adapting to fit the applications needed in today’s market. Designing with SOLIDWORKS makes this possible. The dedicated Engineers here at 3DesignEngineer have over 50 certifications in SOLIDWORKS ranging from Associate, Expert and Elite SOLIDWORKS Engineer (See a detailed list on the certification page). We are here to help you with the virtual testing and physical design of your concept from Design to Simulation to Training and even organizing the production efforts of your ideas. Network

Simply put, our team has  the technical know how to develop your concept from start to finish. Whether your interested in making the next series of phone cases, automated machinery or revolutionary gadget, we will do our best to help you along the path and ensure your concepts development. In fact our goal is to shorten the process and provide the help needed to get your product to market faster.